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"Thanks for the excellent support"

Mike F. Night Frights

“Thank-you for the speedy reply! We are very pleased with the Sprite"

Paul Haunted House

“It works Great all the videos work great.”

Chad D. Dave & Buster's

About our Services

Team Kingsley provides custom electronics controls design and fabrication as well as value added items to enhance the products we sell.

Team Kingsley designs, fabricates and programs custom electronic controls for museums, shows, corporate and private needs.

For the products we sell, we can add wiring, custom programming, enclosures and more.

Team Kingsley electronics for museums

Museum Exhibits

We cut our teeth on museum exhibits! With 10 plus years of museum experience, we know what it takes to survive that environment...

Team Kingsley electronics for trade shows

Trade Show

We have done scores of custom electronics and programming for trade show displays over the past 20 years, from simple to quite complex...

Team Kingsley electronics for automation


Custom electronics and programming for commercial, home and light industrial automation, including 3 phase motor control...

Team Kingsley programming for Sprite video player

Sprite® Programming

We can modify the electronics and the programming of the 8X78 to make the Sprite do almost anything! What do you need your Sprite to do?

Team Kingsley add can custom options to our products

Value Added Services

For the products we sell, like pushbuttons or motion sensors, we can add custom lengths of wire, enclosures, and other items...

Team Kingsley can do minor video editing

Video Services

We can do minor editing on your videos and prepare them for our players. While it is not difficult for most people, some prefer us to do it for them.