Got Spare Parts?

If you lost one, broke one, your dog ate it, or you just need more, we have the spares to keep you running.

Sprite® IR remote control

We all loose them, and always find one that went to something else, somewhere, sometime.

Sprite ® Power Supply

Original 5 Volt power supply for the Sprite® with the USA AC plug. Email us if you need the power supply with AC plugs for other parts of the world.

Sprite®AV Cable

The 3.5mm 4 pole plug to yellow, red and white RCA plug audio / video cable

Sprite ® I/O screw adaptor

If you lost it, broke it, or just need more to play, we have the spares. It plugs into the I/O port and has screw terminals to connect your wires.

Sprite ® Serial Cables

Serial cables for the I/O port have male 3.5mm 4 pole plugs at each end. These work with the 8X78 Input Expanders, the Industrial Keypad, and etc.