Almost Kid-proof!

These Extreme Pushbuttons can take a beating year after year in a public museum environment. We started installing them in the St. Louis Science Center over 20 years ago, where bus-loads of kids smack them all day long. I don't think they ever wear out!

Mounts in most casework

These Extreme Pushbuttons have plenty of thread length. They can mount in thin sheet metal panels all the way up to panels over an inch thick. Black and White are our best sellers, but they are available in 8 primary colors to compliment most settings.


Team Kingsley can add wire to your Extreme Pushbuttons. There are some standard lengths listed for purchase, but we can also make custom lengths. Contact us for a quote.
You can of course wire them yourself. You can get the push-on terminal connectors at any hardware store. Or you can solder the wires directly to the switch like we do for the most durable connection. Any size wire can be used, but too small may break easily. We generally use from about 20 to 26 AWG.


The switches come in 3 pieces - the body, the nut, and the switch block. Install the body in your panel and secure with the nut. Then line-up the switch block on the pin of the lower arm of the body and pivot into the longer arm of the body. It will snap into place securely, but can be removed if needed by gently prying the long arm of the body and pivoting the switch block out.

Download the manual here