MedeaWiz DV-S1 Sprite Pushbutton Keypad Accessory

The KSA-12 industrial keypad for the MedeaWiz Sprite can directly trigger up to 99 files plus the looping file. It is tough and weather resistant for use in industrial environments. The white numbers are laser marked on black polymer keys to last. Each key is rated for a minimum of 2 million presses! While it is rain-proof, it is not submergible!


The Industrial keypad is Plug-N-Play for the MedeaWiz DV-S1 Sprite and comes with a replaceable 3.5mm 4 pole serial cable. The keypad is powered from the Sprite.

Set the Sprite's "Control Mode" to "Serial Mode" and the "Baud Rate" to "9600" in the on-screen-menu.
On your SD or USB drive, you must have a loop file named 000. Then add up to 99 files named 001 up to 099.


The Industrial keypad can be surface mounted on top of a panel or rear-mounted through a cut-out panel by using any of the six built-in screw holes.


The industrial keypad is pre-programmed to play up to 99 video or audio files on the Sprite. It uses a PIC microprocessor and is User programmable, so if you're a programmer, bend it to your will. Team Kingsley can program this keypad to do many things, at an additional charge. Please email us with your needs and we will give you a quote.

Custom programming possibilities

  • Select and play more than 99 files
  • Use the green and red buttons for next and previous file
  • Select a different file to be the looping file
  • Combination lock codes to play files
  • mute or change the volume
  • and others

Download the full manual here