Trigger the Sprite® when someone walks by

Put two of your files on a SD or USB drive and name them 000 and 001. The Sprite™ will begin looping the file named 000 when the power is applied. When the PIR motion sensor "sees" someone move in front of it, the Sprite™ will play the file named 001. When the file 001 is over, the Sprite™ will again loop the file named 000 and wait for the next trigger.

The Sprite™ will loop and switch files seamlessly. To be more precise, the Sprite™ will freeze the last frame of video until the next first frame can show. This is how the haunted portraits are done. The 000 file appears to be a still portrait. When triggered, file 001 begins with the same video frames as were in the 000 file, showing the same picture, but then changes into something spooky!

Order it your way

We sell the PIR sensor as "PIR only" for people who want to wire it themselves.
We also offer some pre-made and tested versions with wire that are ready to plug directly into the Sprite®.
Do you need a custom length? Contact us for a quote.

Download the manual here