The 8X78 with 8 sinking outputs added

Need an output to light an LED or turn something on when a video is played?
It has the same great features of the 8X78 plus 8 low voltage outputs to make things happen!

  • The 8X78-8SO takes up to 8 pushbuttons to play 8 files + loop file
  • Turns on each output while the corresponding file 1 to 8 is playing
  • The outputs are for 5 to 24 Volts DC for small lamps or relays
  • Can drive relays to control larger voltages and loads
  • Plugs into the Sprite® with the included cable
  • Powered from the Sprite®
  • External power supply required for the outputs, not included
  • Screw terminals to connect pushbuttons and outputs
  • Based on a PIC processor, it can be re-programmed
  • We can provide custom programming to do many things

We can custom program the 8X78-8SO for you

There are endless ways we can program the 8X78-8SO to interact with the Sprite®.
Just tell us what you need and we'll give you a quote.
Here are some examples:

  • Use pushbutton inputs to go to the next or previous file
  • Use an input to select a different loop file
  • Use buttons to increase and lower volume
  • Use buttons to step through the video files
  • Add time delays at different points
  • Program inputs for a telephone keypad
  • Program a sequence or "code" required to play a file
  • Add ultrasonic range sensor and program file to play at certain distance

Got an idea? If you can think it, we can probably make it.

Download the full manual here